About Adrien's

Adrien’s Supermarket was established in 1962 on Pinhook Road by Mr. Adrien Langlinais. Mr. Langlinais relocated his business to the corner of Kaliste Saloom Road and Pinhook Road in a store that was 13,000 square feet. In 1974, he opened a location on Guilbeau Road. This grocery store would prove to be a turning point in the history of Adrien’s Supermarket.

During the 1970’s, Adrien’s quickly became a household name in Acadiana. With its growing business, Adrien’s needed a larger and more economical store to accommodate the growing population and demand of Lafayette and the surrounding area. Therefore, in 1982, Adrien’s opened its current location on West Congress Street. This location has 22,000 square feet, three times as many registers, and twice as many employees.

In 1985, Adrien’s Supermarket expanded into the Broussard area with a 32,000 square foot store. After many years of success, unfortunate situations caused this location to close its doors in 2003.

In 1999, Patrick Palombo purchased Adrien’s Supermarket. Prior to his ownership, Mr. Palombo was an employee of Adrien’s for twenty eight years. Mr. Palombo successfully owned and operated Adrien’s until his retirement in 2013.

Herb Palombo along with his wife Jean Palombo purchased Adrien’s Supermarket in 2013. Mr. and Mrs. Palombo were longtime employees of Adrien’s prior to their ownership. Mr. Palombo having thirty six years of service to the company and Mrs. Palombo having fourteen years, are committed to keep the traditions of service and quality that Adrien’s was build on. Herb continues to be involved in the daily operations of the business.

As in 1962, the same clean, friendly, and hometown atmosphere exist today. Adrien’s Supermarket continues to support our community, carries out your groceries, and provides you with exceptional service, while offering you quality products.